Does anyone know what the San Francisco Bay Area was like when you had military bases in operation?

Again then there get been active along with reserve all over Oakland, San Leandro, San Lorenzo, Castro Valley, Dublin, Concord, Vallejo, Novato. NAS Alameda wasn't the only Cold War base. You should recall the "golf ball" higher than the particular Oakland Zoo. That Will was the radar for your Castro Valley Nike Missile Base just over the parking region regarding Lake Chabot. seeing folks throughout uniform had not been unusual. Your Coast Guard can be even now big about Government Island. Got married inside boom beach strategy 78, the particular manager in the apartments ended up being your wife of the Navy 1st Class. I had been in the Army Reserve, there is Air Guard inside Hayward, Army Guard in San Lorenzo, Army Reserve within San Leandro, Marine Reserve is still within Alameda, Oakland Army Base, another Army Reserve center beneath the actual maze through the sewage remedy plant, Hunters Point, Treasure Island, Mare Island, Concord Weapons Depot, NAS Moffet Travis ain't which far off. Has Been heading past Moffet on 237 heading east in the early 80's whenever a SR71 landed proper above my head. In the event that anyone actually went to Sant Cruz a person must have spotted the important radar higher than Los Altos..that was a USAF site, there is another within Dublin that tracked satellites.

NAS Alameda didn't produce a splash outside associated with Alameda except for the civilian workforce living in the surrounding area. Whilst it had economic impact in the large event it closed other industries popped up. Oak Knoll has been much the particular same. PSF offers a lot more economic impact now compared to when it had been 6th Army HQ. While way as people acquiring pulled over your MP's weren't selective with regards to civilians vs military. Since it was any open base and a tourist attraction around Baker Beach, Ft Point as well as the GGB that they failed to pick on anybody unless they went more than the rate limit. I had been in a Reserve unit correct across via Baker, they will bagged many the Reservist and people living in the housing there with regard to speeding. Does obtain spit on and referred to end up being able to as an infant killer going to Liverpool Lils with regard to is simply across from the major entrance. not only could it have been widespread to see guys within uniform we saw plenty involving F104's along with F14's.

Have no clue WTF the over mentioned remark concerning napalm can be about. Which would are already big coverage in KTVU, KPIX and KGO. Each protest within The Particular Peoples Republic associated with Berkeley ended up being more than blown a great deal it looked like the crowds covered your campus and town. Concord dealt effortlessly things that go boom and I doubt these were loading incendiary bombs there. Presently there might have been nukes about the Carriers though. Damn certain were plenty @ Mare Island in addition many Nike sites round the bay...with nuke tipped missiles. Concord is actually still up with a company regarding Army MPs there. 7 using M4's in the gate.

Caught the actual Coral Sea pulling below your Bay Bridge whilst heading east one afternoon. Your Nimitz was here several years back again with regard to Fleet week. That ported with regards to 1/2 mile off SF about Hunters Point. Also in the haze it was the monster. Have Got labored using a lot of Sailors that were around the Midway and also Enterprise. My father throughout law did 17 about the Midway.

If you've certainly not been here since then you could not necessarily recognize much. Webster St can always be a ghost town, Berkeley has more nuts also it can be solid city via Vallejo in order to San Jose, not just a farm left. you mention The Actual Webster St Crawl and children have no clue everything you are generally talking about.

Remember our motto. Occur visit California, carry cash, devote it and also go home. Use the words Cali to always be able to we previous natives and your sorry a$$ will get a cold shoulder.

SSG US Army 73-82

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